Useful Resources

Useful Resources

This page contains some useful resources for those interested in Vinyl Record Players and Turntables. The links below will open a new page in your browser and take you direct to the relevant information.

We hope that you will find our resources page useful. If you know of a page that would be helpful for us to link to, please get in touch.


The worlds largest online store has an amazing collection of vinyl record players for sale from all of the main brands and many of them are reviewed on this website.


The worlds best collection of second hand turntables. Make sure that you understand the auction rules before bidding. Have a look at our home page for advice on buying second hand record players.

The Vinyl Factory

A huge resource for fans of all things vinyl. They have reviews of record players and news about turntables and vinyl records.

How Record Players Work

Do you want to know about the mechanics of a record player? This page is full of information about how record players and turntables work and is very useful for a first time record player user. 

The History of the Record Player

Background information about record players and why they have become so popular. Everything that you could ever need to know about where record players came from.

Vinyl Engine

A useful resource about turntables and record players with reviews and forums for asking audiophiles questions and seeking feedback. They will be able to help you with any complex questions that you may have in relation. To your turntable.

Record Collectors GuildVinyl Record Player useful Resources

A great body of information about some of the most interesting vinyl records, including a great quiz and background about album covers


One of the leading manufacturers of record players and turntables. This is their homepage with a full product list.


Another leading record player maker, the Crosley homepage has loads of information about their product range.


They make and repair turntables and have done so for years and years. They fix gramophones and record players and have an active websit which is a great resource.

The Independent 10 best turntables

This is an interesting review from the Independent newspaper giving their thoughts about 10 of the best turntables available.

Trusted Reviews

Reviews of some of the latest, most high tech record players available, including models from Sony, Audio Technica and Technics

New Musical Expressone song to bring back 1000 memories

This is a report from the New Musical Express which confirms what we all know at Vinyl Record Player – turntables are massively popular and were one of the most popular electronic items for sale in 2015.

Waxing Lyrical about Vinyl Records

Another article confirming the popularity of vinyl records among people who enjoy and appreciate good sounding music.

New York Post

A great article from the New York Post exploring the different attitudes towards technology within one family.

The Daily Telegraph – who really buys vinyl?

The Daily Telegraph explores who the target audience for vinyl records actually are. It is tongue in cheek of course; we think that anyone can enjoy the smooth sound of a turntable.

The Guardian – vinyl and children

This is an article about introducing children (and their sticky fingers) to the joys of vinyl record players. It’s never too early, is it?

Digital Trends – Metallica and Vinyl

Metallica talk about the great sound that is produced by vinyl and why it is so much better then Spotify and other digital music

Vinyl Record Player Shop

Have a look at our own store which links direct to the amazing catalogue at Amazon. You will find a huge collection of record players and turntables and they are always priced competitively.

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