Technics SL 1210 DJ Turntable

Technics SL 1210 DJ Turntable

Every DJ in the planet knows the Technics SL series. It is a must-have item in clubs since 1978. A club without a Technics turntable will have a crappy sound system. While there are other vinyl record players with more features, they are not as reliable as the Technics SL 1210 turntable.

The SL 1210 has been known as the best vinyl record player for the longest time. It is the most iconic turntable in history. When people say turntable, they usually pertain to the Technics SL 1210 turntable.

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Technics Patented Direct Drive Motor

Unlike other Direct Drive motors that utilise bearings, the Technics SL 1210 turntable has a magnetic motor. It doesn’t wear out, is silent and precise. It requires minimal maintenance and setup.

Vibration-Resistant Construction

This Technics turntable has a vibration-resistant construction that makes it the top choice for installation in nightclub DJ booths. Its feet are well damped to limit the vibration of the vinyl record player.

Features and Specificationstechnics 1210

·      Manual arm action

·      Direct drive motor

·      Precision quartz movement speed control

·      Adjustable tone arm weights

·      Pop-up target light

·      Anti-skate control

·      Sleek black steel finish

·      Sliding pitch control

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Customer Reviews and Scores

There are ten reviews for the Technics SL 1210 turntable with an average score of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Most of them are satisfied with the Technics turntable.

On the downside, the Technics SL 1210 turntable has pitch control of +/- 8 per cent, which is not enough for some DJs. It also doesn’t have a reverse mode and a USB audio output. These are features seen in newer turntables.

It has no delicate parts except for the tone arm. That means it can serve you for a long time. Some of the parts that you might replace in the future are the on/off switch and the pitch slider. These parts are cheap and you can fix both by yourself as long as you know how to solder.

For a home setup, this Technics turntable provides high definition sound. You can actually notice real silence between tracks compared to other turntables. It has a high s/n ratio and low flutter percentage that allows you to hear more music.

If you are looking for a reliable vinyl record player, then the SL 1210 is what you’re looking for. It is perfect for a club installation, mobile DJ rig, or a high quality home set-up. It has a voltage switch that allows you to change from 110/120 to 220 volts. This makes it possible to use the Technics turntable in different parts of the world.

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The Technics SL 1210 turntable is probably the most famous turntable model in the world. It has built a reputation for being reliable, indestructible, and a great performer in both hi-fi and DJ setups.

Technics SL 1210 DJ Turntable




Sound quality


Ease of use



  • Great quality DJ turntable
  • Easy to use
  • Brilliant sound


  • Lacking in USB functions
  • No reverse mode