Steepletone Retro Vinyl Record Player SRP1R-11

Steepletone Retro Vinyl Record Player SRP1R-11

Trying to hunt down the right record player for you can be a real problem. Are you looking for something similar to what you had back in the day, or something a little more modernised? This retro vinyl record player provides you with quality and a variety of great features that you can really make the most of. Weighing just 3kgs, it’s easy enough to get it delivered and set up without any hassles.

When it comes to the price, too it’s an absolute bargain. You can pick one of these Steepletone record players for around £100, which is a fantastic price for a quality record player with so many options.

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Completely Stand-Alone Vinyl Record Player

Unlike other vinyl record players out there that you may be considering, the Steepletone does not need to be connected to any other type of amp system at all. Of course, you can connect it to another amp if you want but it’s not a necessity like for some out there. This makes it brilliant for just using on a whim and does not require a systematic change to the layout of your speakers etc.

Truly Retro Vinyl Record Playersteeple tone record player

If your idea with buying a vinyl record player is to take yourself back a few generations or be able to listen to music that your parents did in the same way that they did, this is the ideal solution. Despite being modernised and having a variety of improvements over more “traditional” record players it does retain a certain vintage and style about it, which is hard to find elsewhere.

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Features and specifications of the Steepletone SRP1R

·      Three speed Turntable under a Perspex lid – helping keep your records safe

·      Line output sockets a the back to connect with other hi-fis and amps for improved sound

·      Totally stand-alone device

·      Built-in headphone jack so you can enjoy your records in your own peace!

Customer reviews and scores

With 134 reviews and counting on Amazon and more than half of them being five star ratings, this gets an awesome write-up from other customers.

Barbara Long described the product on Amazon as;

“I bought this product for my husbands birthday after rediscovering our old LPs and singles from the 70’s and 80’s. He was delighted with it and we were amazed at the sound from such a basic machine. I would highly recommend this product for the fun element alone!!! A wonderful trip down memory lane.”

Conclusion on the Steepletone Retro Vinyl Record Player

If you are looking to throw back the hands of time and enjoy music in a retro way, then what better way to do it than with this cost-effective and extremely reliable Steepletone record player? It’s cheap, it’s durable, it has all the features you need and it comes very highly recommended indeed!

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Steepletone SRP1R-11 Retro Vinyl Record Player




Compact size




Value for Money



  • Looks great
  • Sounds great
  • Quality product


  • Difficult to find any real cons at this price

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