Retro Vinyl Record Player Zyon 660 with radio, CD and cassette player

Retro Vinyl Record Player Zyon 660 with radio, CD and cassette player

The Zyon 660 is an attractive and stylish retro vinyl record player. It would look great in any well-furnished room and is the perfect thing for playing your vinyl record collection on. As well as being able to play all speeds, it has the benefit of also being a CD player, a cassette player and an AM/FM radio too. As you can see from the picture, the Zyon 660 comes in a retro wooden style and has the feel of a much more expensive record player.

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High Quality Sound

The sound produced by the Zyon 660 is clear and strong, coming loudly through the built in 5 watt speakers. It is clear, rich and deep. There are more expensive vinyl record players which may impress committed audiophiles, but this is truly impressive for the price.

Retro Vinyl Record Player Zyon 660 with radio, CD and cassette playerLooks like a Retro Record Player

The Zyon 660 is solid and fits together well, giving a solid feel from the olden days, but you also get the benefit of a modern CD player, which obviously would not have featured, on a vintage record player.

Features and specifications

·      3 speed turntable (33, 45 and 78)

·      AM/FM Radio

·      Single front loading CD player

·      Side mounted cassette player

·      2 built in 5 watt speakers

·      Front LED display

·      Available in beech or mahogany


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Customer reviews and scores

The Zyon 660 Wooden retro vinyl record player scored well in Amazon review, getting an average of 4.5 out of 5.


One reviewer commented that “by far the best bit of this is the quality of the sound that it produces.”


Another reviewer loved the Zyon 660, saying “does all is says in the description, arrived the day after it was ordered and is easy to set up and operate”


Kathleen McKenna said “this is a lovely piece and has everything in one, but really compact. It has a lovely tone when listening to it and great value for money”.


There were some negative points raised by other reviewers too.  Margaret said that the turntable was flimsy and Paul commented that the radio was not very good.



This is a really strong and compact example of a good retro vinyl record player, which will suit most people very well. It is easy to operate and produces high quality sound. The CD and cassette player are both reasonable although the radio is quite difficult to use and not of the standard that would get from a stand-alone radio.

Retro Record Player Zyon 660






Ease of use





  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Retro looks are great
  • Compact and simple to use


  • Radio is of low quality when compared with the rest of the product

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