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Michell Gyrodec SE Turntable

Michell Gyrodec SE TurntableIn a time wherein digital technology has dominated our lives in ways more than one, it is a good thing that there are still many people with discerning taste who prefer the good old turntables. What is even better is the fact that there are still manufacturers who are dedicating their resources in the production... Read More »

GPO Memphis Turntable 4 in 1 Music Centre with CD & FM Radio

GPO Memphis Turntable 4 in 1 Music Centre with CD & FM RadioIf you are looking for a stylish and affordable retro turntable for playing your vinyl records, you should give some serious thought to the GPO Memphis Turntable 4 in 1 Music Centre The GPO Memphis Turntable comes in 3 different colours (red, black and chrome) and it has an attractive retro style, looking like something... Read More »

Audio Technica AT-LP120USB Turntable

Audio Technica AT-LP120USB TurntableIf you are looking for a good value turntable that can directly connect to your computer and copy vinyl direct to digital, then you need to think about the Audio Technica AT-LP120 USB Turntable. The Audio Technica range is well known for producing solid and sturdy products and the AT-LP120 USB is no different, but... Read More »

Steepletone retro 5 in 1 music system

Steepletone retro 5 in 1 music systemIt’s difficult not to fall in love with a vinyl record player. Owning a vinyl record player will give you a nostalgic feeling, and it will transport you back to an era when music cannot be downloaded and played in an instant.  Many vinyl enthusiasts love it only because of the sheer pleasure of owning... Read More »

Marantz TT5005 Turntable

Marantz TT5005 TurntableThe Marantz TT5005 is for the home user who is not technically inclined. There’s no complicated setup involve when you use this Marantz turntable. You just need to plug it in the right connector, and you are good to go. It doesn’t cost a fortune and will be a good addition to your home entertainment... Read More »

Zennox Retro Deluxe Hi Fi Music Centre

Zennox Retro Deluxe Hi Fi Music CentreThe Zennox Retro Deluxe Hi-Fi System lets you enjoy your favorite music on CD, tape, MP3, and vinyl. This slim line product features 6 functions for your convenience. It has a turntable for 33s, 45s, and 78s, and it features an FM/AM Radio with a tuning dial and aerial for superb and reliable reception. It... Read More »

Technics SL 1210 DJ Turntable

Technics SL 1210 DJ TurntableEvery DJ in the planet knows the Technics SL series. It is a must-have item in clubs since 1978. A club without a Technics turntable will have a crappy sound system. While there are other vinyl record players with more features, they are not as reliable as the Technics SL 1210 turntable. The SL 1210... Read More »

Steepletone ST929R Record Player

Steepletone ST929R Record PlayerThe Steepletone ST929R Digital Turntable is available in black or silver on Amazon. It comes with a direct encoding converter function allowing you to play and convert vinyl records into MP3 or WMA on SD memory or USB. The music can then be saved and played on an MP3 player. The product has twin speakers... Read More »

Pro-ject Debut Carbon Turntable

Pro-ject Debut Carbon TurntableAre you a vinyl records enthusiast? Were you inspired by an interesting collection of vinyl records? One of the most important steps of getting into this hobby is purchasing a turntable or vinyl record player. Even the most sophisticated music players in the market cannot match the appeal of vinyl record players today. Most audiophiles... Read More »

Steepletone Retro Vinyl Record Player SRP1R-11

Steepletone Retro Vinyl Record Player SRP1R-11Trying to hunt down the right record player for you can be a real problem. Are you looking for something similar to what you had back in the day, or something a little more modernised? This retro vinyl record player provides you with quality and a variety of great features that you can really make... Read More »