GPO Memphis Turntable 4 in 1 Music Centre with CD & FM Radio

GPO Memphis Turntable 4 in 1 Music Centre with CD & FM Radio

If you are looking for a stylish and affordable retro turntable for playing your vinyl records, you should give some serious thought to the GPO Memphis Turntable 4 in 1 Music Centre

The GPO Memphis Turntable comes in 3 different colours (red, black and chrome) and it has an attractive retro style, looking like something from the 1960s. However, it has some much more modern features like a CD Player and the ability to connect to an MP3 player.

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MP3 Connection

When you want to play your vinyl records through another device like an MP3 player, many vinyl record players do not have the facility to allow this. The GPO Memphis Turntable comes with a 3.5mm connection lead, allowing you to connect the record player to any MP3 player and then listen to the music in digital format.

Some users have commented that the sound through the MP3 player is quite tinny, but in our experience, the clarity of the sound remains strong listening to it in this way.

CD Player and FM Radio

As well as being a high quality vinyl record player, the GPO Memphis turntable gives the user the option of listening to a single CD or using the FM radio. While we appreciate that many audiophiles will not consider using a CD to be comparable to the rich sound provided by a turntable we recognise that these facilities are useful to many users who are looking for a full music centre rather than a record player alone.

GPO Memphis Turntable 4 in 1 music centre with cd player and fm radio

Features and specifications

  • Available in Red, Black and Chrome
  • Width 15 inches / Depth 13.5 inches / Height 7 inches
  • Headphone socket available for private listening
  • Manual arm operation
  • Stylus and stylus needle replacement included
  • Remote control included (for CD and radio)

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Customer reviews and scores for GPO Memphis

The GPO Memphis Turntable 4 in 1 Music Centre with CD and FM Radio has scored very well in testing and review. The average score on Amazon is 4.3 out of 5. Many readers have provided excellent feedback and this is what we found too.

One happy owner wrote, “Brilliant machine. Great quality and sound. A joy to listen to all my old vinyls. Love it.”

Another buyer wrote, “Great music centre. For the money it does it all.”

In awarding 5 stars, a further buyer said, “Sound was more than I expected. Very happy!”

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Red GPO Memphis


Having looked carefully at the GPO Memphis Turntable 4 in 1 Music Centre with CD Player and FM radio, we are firmly of the view that this is a high quality and stylish product, which is popular with most purchasers. It is very attractive to look at, but more importantly, it is simple to use and has a rich and deep sound quality which makes it an excellent vinyl record player.


Sound quality


Ease of Use


Style and Looks


Build quality



  • Good sound quality
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Wonderful retro styling


  • No USB connection
  • Only single CD player

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