Crosley Cruiser Briefcase Style Vinyl Turntable

Crosley Cruiser Briefcase Style Vinyl Turntable

In recent years, vinyl has once again become the predominant format for music lovers around the globe.  Offering larger canvasses for cover art, better sound quality, and collectability, records trump CDs and other formats in almost every conceivable way.  With the spike in record sales, many consumers are searching for a high quality vinyl record player so that they can enjoy their records from the comfort of their home.  The Crosley Cruiser Briefcase Style vinyl turntable is perfect for vinyl lovers who aren’t quite ready to put down hundreds of pounds on a modular system.

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Crosley Vinyl Record Players

Crosley is no newcomer to home audio equipment.  In 1920, the company introduced one of the first affordable home radios, the Harko, which cost only $7 (at the time, the average cost of most home radios was $100 or more!).  In 2014, Crosley is still making high quality audio components, with a vintage eye for design, while incorporating the newest technology such as iPod docks and mp3 capabilities.

Crosley Crusier is compactcrosley cruiser briefcase

Many people choose the Crosley Cruiser due to its space saving form factor.  No larger than a standard suitcase, this unit can attractively sit on a shelf in your home while in use, and be closed for easy storage.  When playing LPs, the record is actually a bit larger than the unit itself.

The Crosley Cruiser is a versatile unit, capable of playing 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records, perfect for your favorite new releases, or if you’d like to dig back into Mum & Dad’s collection.  The unit is belt-driven, thus repairable in the event something goes wrong.

Sound quality of the Crosley Crusier Briefcase Style Vinyl Turntable

The speakers output a reasonably high sound quality, considering the smaller form factor.  While many users would expect a more “tinny” sound, that hasn’t been the case at all in our testing.  The factory speakers could probably be a bit louder, though you can always add additional speakers, or add the Crosley record player to your homes surround sound system via RCA connectors.

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All in all, the Crosley Cruiser vinyl record player is great for people living in smaller spaces, or those who want to give vinyl a try before spending hundreds of pounds on a high-end, direct drive player.  The sound quality is great, the record player is extremely portable, and it simply looks cool.  Vinyl is growing in popularity, and sounds great.  This is a great record player for you to jump on the bandwagon!

Crosley Cruiser Briefcase Style Vinyl Turntable


Compact Size


Ease of use


Sound quality



  • Looks great
  • Compact
  • Easy to carry


  • Could be louder

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